Sunday, 20 May 2018

Sunday Family Humour 20th May

Sunday Family Humour 20th May
Did You Know That
Homemade Drone in Germany
Thinking Pictures
My Favourite Pillow
Human Behaviour
Until Tomorrow Then
Great story
penalty kick trick
My Attorney
Pool Hall Engineer
Pictures of Last Week
Bert Outdoes Himself
Hafren City Bus Service
Irish Dancing On Ice Mesmerized The
You're Moving It Wrong

Interesting Articles and Videos 20th May

Raising Our Vibration: Releasing Blocks to Abundance
Hope Porn
The Most Powerful Plant on Earth?
Solving High Blood Pressure - Dr Peter Glidden
How to Share Information About Your Spiritual Awakening with Others
Is Your Work Your Spiritual Teacher?
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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Sunday Family Humour 13th May

Sunday Family Humour 13th May
Last Will and Testament
Live Tornadoes
Optical Illusions
Golden Buzzer Award
Animal Jokes
Maintaining Good Physical Condition
Interesting Historical Facts
cool dog mows lawn
Colonoscopy Report
Kitchen Tips
Berts Nameless Pictures
Super Funny Cats Compilation
Boat Extension
Photos That You Won't Believe Are Real

Interesting Articles and Videos 13th May

Peace within you and Peace on Earth
6 Signs You Are Falling Into A Phantom Matrix Timeline
The Elite Banker Who Quit The Globalist System to Help Destroy It.
Tuning Into Your Own Vibration
5 Reasons to Push Past Your Comfort Zone
Aging and the Perception of Time
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Sunday, 6 May 2018

Sunday Family Humour 6th May

Sunday Family Humour 6th May
A Couple of Golden Oldies
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
More of Bert's Pics
Amazing Ladder Act by Uzeyer Novruzov
Great Photos
A Juggler with 20 Toes
Funny Fishing Pictures

Adventurous Road in Nepal
Changes in Modern Living
Magic? No way!
Tomorrow's Pictures Today
Thanks to Bert
Lions Circle Trapped Baby Elephant
Wine advice, and Funny Fast Food

Interesting Articles and Videos 6th May

EU Bans Bee-Killing Pesticides
The Flowing Path of Enlightenment 

 Choose a Way of Life, Not an Occupation
The Awakening Goes Deeper Than You Think
Get Un-Stuck!
8 Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Sunday Family Humour 29th April

Sunday Family Humour 29th April
Ode to the Spell Checker
Song Around The World
A Few From Bert
Funny Quotes To Cheer You Up
Interesting Geographical Facts
Animals Are Awesome
Animal Friendships
driver helps ducklings
Teacher Fails An Entire Class
Quick Change Magic Boogie-Woogie
Random Picture Ramblings
Incredible Heart-Warming Magic
Authentic Photos Require No Caption
Hugging Spectacular
Uber in North Korea

Interesting Articles and Videos 29th April

Now I Know What To Do
Delores Canon
Insightful Prof
The Ultimate Challenge- What is My Greatest Purpose?
The Evolution Of Human Design
Out of the Dream
Enlightenment: You Are Everything. Everything Is You
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Sunday, 22 April 2018

Sunday Family Humour 22nd April

Sunday Family Humour 22nd April
Way of the World
OK Go - Upside Down and Inside Out
Bert's Personal Selection
Best Way to See the Great Wall of China
Biggest Payload
Good News
Born To Be Alive
Comedy Wildlife Photos
Dancing Animals
Bert's Pics
Imaginative Dubai Architecture
Bert's Best
Juns Kitchen Takes on American Sushi
The Original Word Processor

Interesting Articles and Videos 22nd April

What Shall I Do?
Pineal Powers
The 7 Pillars of Conscious Creation Activation
There’s More to Life Than Being Busy
Heal Thy Self, Heal Thy World
The sinking of the Titanic
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Sunday, 15 April 2018

Sunday Family Humour 15th April

Sunday Family Humour 15th April
100 mph goat
Nobody Expected This
28 Italian Villages
Feeding Time
Advice From a Cactus
Alexa For Cars
Unusual Pictures
Things to Say When Stressed At Work
The Copper Clapper
Scared Dogs
5 Stages of Married Life
Doggie Bath
Interesting Articles and Videos 15th April
The Secret Origin of Humanity
Drop the Mask: The Freedom of Living an Authentic Life
Work and Doing What Matters
Beyond Yoga – Stretching Into the Deep Heart
My Spiritual Awakening Experience
We Are Infinite
Family Values in 5D
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Sunday, 8 April 2018

Sunday Family Humour 8th April

Sunday Family Humour 8th April
In Case You Like Being Punished
The Peacock Clock
Winter Wonderland
Uplifting Video of Kids With Pets
Bert's Decision
People Are Awesome
The Husband Test
Cool Stuff
Heart-warming Historical Pictures
Spectacular Rally Crashes
How True It Is
People-Sized Drone
Really neat stuff here
Interesting Articles and Videos 8th April
Work and Doing What Matters – The New Spiritual Frontier
Heart-Centered Consciousness
Maybe This Is What Happiness Is
The Sleeping Enemies
It’s Okay to ‘Fail’ on Your Way to Finding What You Want to Do
Humanity vs. Technology
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