Sunday, 30 July 2017

Sunday Family Humour 30th July

Sunday Family Humour 30th July
The Schulz Philosophy
Friends Furever
David M's Gallery
The World's Fastest Illusionist
Recalling the Good Ol' Days
Guang Dong Cabaret
Assorted Pictures

Page 2
Life in the Computer Age
Can You Believe These Old Adverts
5 minutes on the original Model T Ford
Special Friendship Photos
Not Under My Roof
Airforce Humour

Interesting Articles and Videos 30th July
What "Psychopath" Means
Japan’s Legacy of War Crimes in China
The Life Cycle of a Democratic Society (and Where We Are in That Cycle)
John Pilger: Breaking the Silence – Truth and Lies in the War on Terror
How Spending Time in Nature Makes Us Kinder and More Generous
The Rise of the Machines - Why Automation is Different this Time
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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Sunday Family Humour 23rd July

Sunday Family Humour 23rd July
The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo
No Ordinary Trivia
Jamie Raven's Clever Conjuring Act
35 Unbelievable Cooking Hacks
Evian Babies on Skates 2
Page 2
Prayer Helps
Dolphin saving a dog
Statements and Stuff
Jaguar E-Pace Guinness World Record Barrel Roll
Group of Awesome Pics
Funny Physical Falls
Mount Rushmore

Interesting Articles and Videos 23rd July
Boost Your Happiness: 10 Mindfulness Tips for Busy People
MK Ultra Reality Control
Always be growing. Always.
How sunshine assists transition
10 Characteristics Of The 144,000 Prophesied Lightworkers Who Will Save The World
Karuna "Insight Design"
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