Saturday, 30 May 2015

Sunday Family Humour 31st May

Sunday Family Humour 31st May
Six Little Stories
Beautiful and Inspirational Colours and thoughts
Animal Crackers
55 most Useful Life Hacks
Jazz in Istanbul
Getting Older Cartoons
Artful Photos

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How to sing the Blues
Conservatory Royal Belgium
Miscellaneous Gallery
Shilin Stone Forest
The Juggler, By Appointment to Ronald Reagan
16 Short Stories of Greatly Touching Photos
Some Thoughts You Might Enjoy
Interesting Articles and Videos 24th May
The Vaccine Racket
Common Law, Natural Law and Their place in Our New Society
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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Sunday Family Humour 24th May
Trust a lawyer
Corkscrew that is practical and convenient
Fun Facts
David M's Gallery
Self-Balancing Two-Wheeled Car
50 WWII Colorized Photos Look Like They were Taken Yesterday
Cats and Dogs

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The Law of the Garbage Truck
A seal visits for lunch
Cute Animal Friends - Lion and Daschund
The Dutch Know What to do with Flowers
Just Try To Remember
Never Visit Arizona
Tequila and Salt
Interesting Articles and Videos 24th May
Vaccine Induced Brain Damage Syndrome
Cannabis Annihilates Cancer
Social Butterfly, What Mask Do You Wear?
How Police Start Riots

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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Sunday Family Humour 17th May
Questions for which people have no "good" answers
Talking Dog Wendy Wows Judges!
Unusual and beautiful
Dog Tricks by Jesse
Old Delivery Trucks
Performance Next To Non-Human
Greatest Magic Trick Ever Leaves Judges And Audience Stunned
Page 2
The Dog and the Jeep
Fun With Trombones
Bolivian Salt Flats
Woman with Two Huge Tigers
Three Things
Interesting Articles and Videos 17th May
Mexico Suspends Vaccines 2 Dead Dozens Hospitalized
200 Evidence-Based Reasons NOT To Vaccinate
Drake's Take
Yoga and Earthing – Wellness Inspired Practices
Everything You Wanted to Know about the Pineal Gland
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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sunday Family Humour 10th May
Things I've Learned From the Movies
The Unstoppable Force Meets The Immovable Object
Just when you think you've seen everything
Police Empathy
Clever Art
Evian Babies Commercial
Best Friends

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Home Schooled In Many Ways
Blind man behind bars
Gentle Giants
New Truck For Walmart
Keukenhof, Holland
Golf Prank
Unusual Things To See In India
Interesting Articles and Videos 10th May
It's Just Like Riding a Bike
Drink Warm Water With lemon For A Year
Incredible Pictures from The American West --1870's
Undeniable evidence - withheld 9/11
Brasscheck TV Report - Communities Working Together
The Middle Pillar is the person you always wanted to be...  And You Are
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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Sunday Family Humour 3rd May
More Murray's One-Liners
An English Garden
How Russian Workers Cross When The Bridge Is Out
David M's Gallery
Boeing Assembly Line In Fastmo
Flying Over America

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New Generation
Wild December
Rare and Varied Captioned Photos
Amazing gymnasts
Flowers of The Dolomites
Five A350 XWBs together in flight
Underwater Garden

Interesting Articles and Videos 3rd May
The Secret of Remote Viewing
Medical Marijuana Oil Helps Her "Live Free"
A New Kind of Society
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The Sovereign Nation of Shetland - a new kind of society

You will like this man, and will want to listen to all 18 minutes.

I have been following Stuart Hill's  activities for several years (and sharing closely with Dayak!)

This guy has taken the UK government to court on many occasions, and has eventually always won.

He first proved that the island of Forvik is not part of Scotland, and is an independent state, so he issues passports etc.

but now he has gone on to prove that The Shetlands are not part of Scotland. This involves North Sea Oil!!

This video makes huge inroads into British and especially Scottish
politics. He clearly demonstrates that we are all slaves to a few
bankers, and if everyone knew that, their game would be up.


And whilst initially this may seem like a local affair, Stuart does explain that there are important international connotations that it is imperative for people to know about.

He explains a whole new ball game relevant to everyone in every nation in just a few minutes.

So it will help everyone with an IQ above room temperature to circulate this to other similar folk.

Kind regards