Sunday, 27 December 2015

Sunday Family Humour 27th December

Are You An Old Geezer
Danny MacAskill Rides Over Rooftops in Gran Canaria
Some Chuckles For The Old Folk
Lyres Are Birds With a Special Talent
David M's Gallery
3 Year-Old Drummer From Russia
Yes I Can Read

Page 2
Forrest Gump Dies and Goes to Heaven
Unbelievable feats of strength
The Simple Life
Playing The Spoons
Elephants in Zambia
Dogs Can Sleep Anywhere
Interesting Articles and Videos 27th December
What Are You Practicing—Self-Judgment or Self-Compassion?
Dissecting the 9/11 fairy tale
Forest Ethics
Beauty Products Chock Full Of Chemicals
Christmas - the whole story
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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Sunday Family Humour 20th December

Sunday Family Humour 20th December
Questions and Answers
Edeka Merry Christmas
Photos That Will Make You Smile
Stairway To Heaven Remake
David M's Gallery
46 Rare Historical Photos

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17 Smilers
Italian Auction
Growing Old Photos
Fotos At The Right Moment
Laos Plain Of Jars
Old Man and a Bucket of Shrimp
Interesting Articles and Videos 20th December
More Evidence That TV is Dumbing Us Down
Benjamin Fulford Full Update for December 15, 2015‏
The Assassination of John Lennon
Warriors To The Helm! Sailing Into The Wind of Awakening
Russia Today Declares 9/11 Was An Inside Job!
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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Sunday Family Humour 13th December

Sunday Family Humour 13th December
Drone FPV Racing
The Art of Salvador Dali
David M's Gallery
Jackie Evancho - To Believe
Amazing Statistics & Numbers
People Are Awesome 2015

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Jesus Was Indian
Fascinating and Magnificent Pictures
You Will Enjoy These
Drugs and Driving
Happy Pictures
The Pride of Africa
Interesting Articles and Videos 13th December
Shifting the Brainwave State
Finland's Basic Income Plan Would See All Citizens Receive 800 Euro A Month
The Rulers of Time and Space that control Your Mind, Body and Soul
Is consciousness the bridge between science & religion?

Anunnaki Secret History on Earth
Persian, Ottoman empires collide as big Middle Eastern oil fight rages on
Stanley Kubrick Confesses to Faking Moon Landings
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Sunday, 6 December 2015

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Sunday Family Humour 6th December

The Native American Code of Ethics
The Good The Bad and The Ugly Theme song
Fantastic Slide Show
David M's Gallery
The Train of The Future
Split second Timing
Evian Water Babies

Page 2
Qantas Airlines
Port-a-potty makeover
World Sights
Advice For Life
Iran has dangerous stockpile of camel dung

Interesting Articles and Videos 6th December 
 The 3-Minute Ayurvedic Secret to Health and Longevity
5 Valid Reasons to Be a Quitter
London Premiere of new 9/11 film ‘Incontrovertible''
Permaculture: A Quiet Revolution
Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia
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