Saturday, 2 May 2015

The Sovereign Nation of Shetland - a new kind of society

You will like this man, and will want to listen to all 18 minutes.

I have been following Stuart Hill's  activities for several years (and sharing closely with Dayak!)

This guy has taken the UK government to court on many occasions, and has eventually always won.

He first proved that the island of Forvik is not part of Scotland, and is an independent state, so he issues passports etc.

but now he has gone on to prove that The Shetlands are not part of Scotland. This involves North Sea Oil!!

This video makes huge inroads into British and especially Scottish
politics. He clearly demonstrates that we are all slaves to a few
bankers, and if everyone knew that, their game would be up.


And whilst initially this may seem like a local affair, Stuart does explain that there are important international connotations that it is imperative for people to know about.

He explains a whole new ball game relevant to everyone in every nation in just a few minutes.

So it will help everyone with an IQ above room temperature to circulate this to other similar folk.

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