Monday, 13 June 2016

Sunday Family Humour 12th June

Sunday Family Humour 12th June
Shoe Repair
Alpine Coaster Ride (No Brakes)
An Amazing Dog
David M's Gallery
My Wife Doesn't Work
Great Taiwanese Commercial
Swiss Drummers

 ​Page 2
The Haircut
Will It Clear?
Hilarious Pet Memes
128,000 Falling Dominoes
The Difference Between Crazy and Stupid
The Millennials Song Parody
Cute Sleeping Pets

Interesting Articles and Videos 12th June

Breaking the Spell of Our Cultural Imprisonment
Are Doctors Making You Sicker?
10 Signs of Our Global Awakening
The Healthy Reality Diet
The Value of Breathing Consciously
The Shaman Within
Weekly Stats Report

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